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Masters of Brain Ultrasound in Neurosurgery

abril 18 - abril 19


Barcelona. 18 – 19 Abril 2024 – INFO:



The course has been granted 7.5 European CME credits by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME)

There is a growing interest in intraoperative images in the neurosurgery field. In Neuro-Oncology this interest becomes a necessity to evaluate the grade of resection and the possibility of residual tumor.
In this aspect, neuronavigated ultrasound is an excellent tool because having a very high-quality image, quick acquisition (you do not need to stop the surgery to use it), cost-effectiveness, portability, and reproducibility (as many times as you need).
However, sometimes neurosurgeons do not use ultrasound because there is a learning curve to the spatial orientation and interpretation of images. The reason for this course, eminently practical, is teaching the necessary skills to use intraoperative ultrasound in Neuro-Oncology.
The main difference between this course and other ones related to ultrasound is that not only it provides the participants with the theoretical knowledge, but specially highlights the practical side of it.
This is achieved thanks to the expert faculty invited for a maximum number of 20 participants. Moreover, the attendants will have at their disposal a few ultrasound equipments and practical phantoms which will allow them to train image orientation and interpretation.


  • Enhance the understanding of the basic principles of ultrasound.
  • Apply these principles to the reduction of common artifacts and the improvement of high-quality diagnostic ultrasound images.
  • Orientation in neuronavigated ultrasound.
  • Differentiation between the most common subtypes of brain tumors.
  • Coregistration of images (MRI-US…), tractography and segmentation in neuronavigated ultrasound.
  • Evaluation of residual tumor in the operating room.
  • Application of ultrasound contrast and elastography in brain tumors.
  • Guided puncture with neuronavigated ultrasound (biopsies, ventricular punctures (slid ventricles),…).


abril 18
abril 19
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