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Dear Colleagues,

Are you, or is somebody you know, Interested in the EANS Training Courses – but have been deterred in the past by the difficulty in getting a place? Did you know that there is a NEW spring cycle of the EANS Training Course starting in May 2017?

The EANS Board aims to make the TC available to as many European residents as possible, and thus 180 new first year places are to be created. This means there will now be THREE annual cycles – providing a better-than-ever opportunity to gain admission to this sought-after and highly regarded course.

The excellence of the courses and their scientific – as well as social – value is acknowledged throughout the neurosurgical community, We hope that you will be inspired to become part of this “EANS family”.

Apply now! The application deadline for 2017 entry is 30 September 2016 (31 October 2016 for international candidates – 15 trainees from non EANS member-society countries to be accepted from May 2017!)

All info at:

or contact us at

NB: 5 full-fee (travel not included) scholarships to be awarded on the basis of merit! All applications automatically considered.

The EANS Team

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